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Seeing our pets in misery because of such conditions as seizer, inflammation, anxiety and lack of appetite is unspeakably hard. And it’s even harder to treat them with the synthetic medicine that causes so many undesirable side-effects and can even become a reason of a more serious health issue. Prue CBD Pet Dropper has been created to help our four-legged friends feel relief and improve their health without poisoning their little bodies with toxic chemicals. Pure CBD Pet Dropper contains only 100% ingredients, such as pure CBD isolate infused into the organic MTC oil (extracted from the coconut oil). Not only does this dropper fight the anxiety and inflammation with CBD, but also it improves the digestive health of your pet due to the beneficial properties of the carrier (MTC oil). Prue CBD Pet Dropper contains 0% THC, which means it will get your furry family member high.

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Price from 31.2 Per unit

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